Mandate of the Project

The Mandate:

To develop simple, economical, safe and practical integrated technology for management of key whitegrub and other soil arthropod species under different agro-climatic conditions and cropping systems of the country.


1. Development of eco-friendly, bio-intensive integrated management strategies for soil arthropod pests, white grubs, termite, cutworms, wireworms, etc.

2. Identification of local isolates of virulent host-specific pathogens (Entomopathogenic bacteria, fungi, virus and nematodes) for the management of soil arthropod pests.

3. Isolation and identification of pheromones of key phytophagous white grub spp. (other than Holotrichia consanguinea) of different agro-ecological zones.

4. To study the biodiversity, behavior and crop losses with regard to soil arthropod pests like cutworm, wireworm, termites, root bug, etc. to develop eco-friendly integrated management strategy for them.